The Tipsy Coin

⌬ Light | Shiva | Emypreum Ward 6, Plot 8 ⌬
Tuesdays from 5 - 9pm ST

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The Tipsy Coin is an oriented D&D RP medieval tavern.

Welcome Traveller, Knight, Wizard or Owlbear to the Tipsy Coin!What is the Tipsy Coin?
The Tipsy Coin is a place in medieval style where adventurers of all types and classes meet to take a break from there journey, have a round of mead or just stock up on supplies.
What do we do here?
It is basically where others come together and play there in-character. Some tell their adventure, others just want to listen, others again might looking for mercenaries to help with something.
Of course you can just join us enjoy your evening and atmosphere.
What can i play as a character?
Our tavern is based on the pen and paper Dungeons & and Dragons in short D&D, which has a variety of classes.
FF and D&D is not bascially the same, since they have already classes. But we know in Roleplay we are able to play what we like and want.
Check out our discord under #character-sheets. There you can find some examples.
What is the Headhunter-board?
At the entrace of our tavern hangs on the wall the Headhunter-board.
For example:
Your character is good in hunting monsters and does like make his/her coins out of it?! Take a look then if you find something which suits you and also doesn't kill you!
Take one request and come back next time with prove - preferably the head - and get your reward.
The Headhunter-board will be updatet from time to time and what is currently requested can be seen in our discord under #headhunter-board.
Don't forget to roll 20!



1. Don't mix IC and OOC relationships together.
• Speaking in-character: "I want mead now!"
• Speaking in 3rd-person: *holds his tankard of mead in his hand*
• Speaking out-of-character: (Excuse me a second, telephone.)
• Speaking in action use: /em
2. Turn off your emotes in "Display log message".3. Minions are allowed if it comes with your character as companion. If not, please dismiss them.4. Weapons are allowed as long it comes with the outfit and character.5. Please refrain from using spells inside the venue.6. Any form of harassment to staff or guests results in reports. Roleplay tavern brawls are allowed but don't forget the owner might put you infront of the door.7. The Tipsy Coin is a SFW venue!8. Using the following icons for Roleplay.
• Looking for Materia Melding tag = only staff.
• Role-playing tag = in-character.
9. Please keep /shout and /yell chat for staff.10. Non-roleplayers are welcome to visit but respect those who are roleplaying and do not run around!